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16-Jul-2018 23:45

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The more you are known and more viewers you have, you have the ability to charge a little more. I am single right now, and no, it’s really not something I say right away to a lot of girls. It’s a hard thing — I don’t like lying to them, but I just try not to bring it up until we get more comfortable with each other. Like, has anyone ever asked you to do something totally crazy?Do your friends and family know that you do camming on the side? There was this couple that liked to do cam-to-cam with me.But the wife ended up getting my [name] Mike Hard tattooed on her.I was in shock when I saw it, and a little honored I guess.There is only one person in my family that knows that I cam, and that’s my cousin. At first I didn’t think anything of it, but after a while they would ask me if we could meet in person and get together.

Most of my career I’ve been doing construction, doing everything from roofing to sheet rock.

Other times I’d pleasure myself on cam, if that’s what the viewers wanted to see.