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The HCC’s decision came at the request of the president’s office, following the publication of an article entitled “Idriss Déby, the Hitler of Modern Times.” In June and October, authorities arrested and interrogated the publisher of the newspaper , Stéphane Mbaïrabé Ouaye, in connection with an article accusing the president’s brother, Saleh Déby, the director general of customs, of corruption.Although Chad is a secular state, Muslims, who comprise slightly more than half of the population, hold a disproportionately large number of senior government posts.In February 2015, the government acknowledged that legislative elections scheduled for early 2015 would need to be postponed, after the electoral commission failed to organize a timely biometric electoral census. Electoral Process: 2 / 12 (−1) Chad has never experienced a free and fair transfer of power through elections.Subsequently, the National Assembly in a special session extended the mandate of the legislature and its deputies until elections could be held. Déby took power in 1990 during a rebellion, and then overwhelmingly won elections in 1996, 2001, 20.

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Due to the 2015 suicide bombings in the capital—in which the perpetrators used burqas as a form of camouflage prior to the attacks—the government also banned the religious dress known as the burqa, which covers the face and entire body of adherents.

Terrorist attacks increased throughout the country during 2015, particularly in the capital, N’Djamena, and the Lake Chad region.

In one of the worst attacks, 38 people were killed in twin suicide bombings in N’Djamena in June.

Citing these irregularities, the three main opposition candidates boycotted the presidential poll in April 2011, which Déby won with 89 percent of the vote.

Legislative elections were scheduled to take place in early 2015, but similar to the previous polls, they have been postponed until a biometric electoral census can be organized throughout the country. Political Pluralism and Participation: 1 / 16 There are more than 70 registered political parties in Chad, though a number of them were created by the government to divide the opposition.

The political opposition is given legal recognition and allowed to publicly criticize the government, but in the past opposition political leaders have faced arrest and harassment.

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