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15-Sep-2018 06:12

Goes to show, if you're alive and kicking, stop moaning and keep smiling. Here's to 2016, accepting folk for who they are, if you don't like what you see, the joke is on you.

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" Well, of course, I'd have to bang a fit bird and see what all the fuss is about from the other side.

I remember my dad going on like he was an outcast, him and my uncle encouraging my cousin to go with girls, telling him it brought shame to our name to "have a homo in the household".

I didn't give a damn and we've both turned out to be the blackest sheep of a very dysfunctional family, but most likely the happiest too, sticking two fingers up at these so-called rules.

Growing up around strict Catholics wasn't fun, not only do I not believe in religion, religion to me is a load of b******s – it causes division, hate, wars and death.

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I believe you should be your own person, live how you want so long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, have your own mind, not follow a book because you might not get to play in Heaven otherwise.

She could hear a bunch of jack the lads taking the piss that she was in there, bold as brass she walked out and smiled, telling them they're all entitled to their opinion, that she wanted to take a leak in the women's but was refused entry, turns out the dudes ended up giving her an apology.

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