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So, the first thing Jaws did for me was it allowed a studio, namely Columbia, to greenlight Close Encounters.

For number two, it gave me final cut for the rest of my career.

Quint: Not to diverge too much into Jurassic Park, but there’s something to the personality of the dinosaurs as well.

Look at the Raptor scene in the kitchen, for instance.

When the words, “Eric, I’m transferring you to Steven Spielberg’s office. So, JJ (was brought up in) the same way I was raised, by a decade of filmmakers who I am beholden to. Quint: Obviously the movie means a lot to me and going through that new making of book, Jaws: Memories From Martha’s Vineyard, it really did strike me just how important it was that you made the personality Amity that of Martha’s Vineyard. So, I was wondering if we could talk a little bit about how you pulled so many locals into the movie and how much of that was a creative choice and how much of that was political to help you ease the troubled waters of filming on location.

Steven Spielberg: Well, I didn’t know anything about politics in those days.

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Jim Cameron in-between did brilliant CG work on THE ABYSS and then T2…But what I really owe to Jaws was creating in me a great deal of humility, about tempering my imagination with just sort of the facts of life.CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW ALONG WITH THE NEXT BIT IN AMAZING SOUND-O-TEXT! ” What was going down was not human error, it was just the conditions at sea that made it untenable to really be doing what we were somehow doing. Everything I shot on any form of land went like a normal movie.Those creatures actually live and hunt in those waters and almost everybody has been swimming in the ocean, so there’s an easy access to that base fear.

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Steven Spielberg: It was worth it because, for number one, Close Encounters, which was a film I had written and a film nobody seemed to want to make, everybody seemed to want it right after Jaws was a hit.

I put out my feelers out a couple months back with some people at Dreamworks (with much help from mega publicist Deb Wuliger) about getting Steven Spielberg on the phone to talk Jaws, the idea being we could time it to its pending anniversary. I really just wanted to talk to the director of my favorite movie of all time ABOUT my favorite movie of all time.