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Her easily understandable advice comes fast and free - this is what good customer service is all about.

Clara, a new-generation avatar designed to improve the online shopping experience, is a creation of novomind’s development lab.

She can also push informations that fits the user profile.

Lena is fully integrated to an analytics tool and a engine that makes the agent learning fast, resulting accurate matching with the user expectation.

Sophie advises visitors to the Congstar customer service page about Congstar's phones, prepaid services and subscriptions.

She also answers queries about installing internet and landline connections.

„Clara“ spricht auf Die virtuelle Serviceberaterin Clara steht seit Anfang 2013 den Otto-Kunden auf de mit Rat und Charme beim Online-Shoppen zur Seite.

Since the 5th of July 2010, Lena provides help to the website users by understanding their needs and assist them browsing the Support pages.When returning from the donation shop the visitor can invite friends to make a donation.Nina is the first virtual assistant on Facebook in a shop environment. Einladungen und Erinnerungen werden versendet, alle Gruppenmitglieder werden über den aktuellen Teilnahmestand up-to-date gehalten.

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Gruppenmitglieder können xeet über Slack, Telegram, Skype, SMS und Mail verwenden. Minty Talk wurde konstruiert, um die Dialoge für Comics auf Knopfdruck zu erstellen.Therefore the program Neunmalklug may be used as a judge for the Turing-test.