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06-Sep-2018 16:21

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If you ever need our help in the field of international dating and apply to our Support Center, you will quickly get a response to your request (sometimes even on weekdays or holidays), a good piece of advice or a constructive suggestion.

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Today almost every city has scores of marriage and dating agencies.

So, international dating agencies and marriage sites are becoming more and more popular among single women seeking a partner abroad (e.g.

Brief eye contact lets qgency know that she is liked and will make her feel good.

A decade or two ago the term "international dating agency" was associated with a classical office, and administrator and an interpreter who met you personally, helped fill in a special dating form, translated your personal information into foreign languages and started searching the right partner for you ... Today's people (including western men) have fewer and fewer spare time.

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The Internet has entered our daily life, and e-mail, ICQ and Skype have become a usual way to communicate, have replaced ordinary mail and are snapping at the heels of telephone communication.

Inter Friendship is not a marriage agency in the generally accepted meaning.