Dating bruises in elderly dircet dating

07-Oct-2018 08:06

[7]This study is ongoing; the researchers hope to: The researchers used concept mapping [6] to develop measurements of abuse. Final Report to the National Institute of Justice, February 2009, NCJ 226457. They tested the tools on 226 clients of adult protective services with substantiated cases of abuse. Bruising in the Geriatric Population (pdf, 22 pages). Post-pilot-test interviews revealed that agencies' resistance to using the ESDFS was related to: (1) high workload and burnout; (2) a lack of integration between the ESDFS and current automated systems or redundancy with current screening items; and (3) investigators who saw no benefit to using the ESDFS. In a separate study, researchers examined implementation of the Arkansas law giving county medical examiners the authority to investigate deaths occurring in long-term care facilities (LCF).[5] They conducted focus group interviews with medical examiners, coroners and geriatricians from 27 states to determine their involvement in investigations into the deaths of LCF residents. "The records we held about the service showed that there were a significant number of people reported as suffering skin injuries and 'unexplained' bruising," it says."The local authority's safeguarding team knew about the injuries." Inspectors were concerned about a resident's call bell being ignored - something which sounded often as they had a sensor mat - and so they raised it with managers, in case the person had suffered a fall.The panel believed that two-thirds of the cases they reviewed should have received a higher level of investigation then was undertaken. In particular, the expert panel agreed that in many of the "waived" cases, someone should have viewed the entire body.

They are doing so as part of an NIJ-funded followup project designed to pilot test a prototype for an electronic Elder Abuse Decision Support System — a computer-based application of the developed measures to help practitioners identify abuse.

"People were left slumped in chairs in an undignified way in a communcal area, rather than being supported to their rooms for a sleep in private.

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