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19-Sep-2018 00:23

I have also heard the argument that the guitar sounds better with Grovers-something about increased mass but I don’t really hear it.

If you are considering a player grade vintage ES, the Grover mod shouldn’t scare you off.

OK, they were a little heavier but nobody was too worried about weight back then-we were young and indestructible. Truthfully, I’m surprised more guitars weren’t switched.

The big names were doing it too-Clapton’s 335 had a set of gold Grovers, Harrisons 64 SG had Grovers, Elvin Bishop’s “Red Dog” 345 had (and probably still has) Grovers. Most folks won’t argue the point of Grovers being a better tuner but vintage folks still want the original Klusons and no extra holes.

Call 2 or email me at [email protected] on my 62 with the good adaptor bushings that look almost exactly like the original ones. This wasn’t some short lived fad like coil taps or phase switches, this was usually a matter of everyday function.

This had Grovers-you can still still the imprint from the big washers on the front of the headstock. Consider this: It’s the early 1970’s and you play, say, a ten year old ES-335 dot neck.

Part of the problem with Klusons is that nobody ever took care of them.

I’ve had 50 year old Klusons that have never experienced a single drop of oil. They almost always worked smoother and more accurately than Klusons, so the change made perfect sense.

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The reason for that is obvious-a set of Grovers on a vintage guitar knocks off 00 or more from the vintage value.Even if no new holes are drilled (Grovers can use the same screw hole as Klusons), you still have to enlarge the shaft hole and even though you can’t easily tell a good adaptor bushing from a correct vintage bushing without removing the tuners, the damage is done.There are, by the way, a lot of adaptor bushings that are obviously adaptors-don’t use those if you want your guitar to look original.They're also used on the Epiphone Casino and current Epiphone production of Les Paul and G-400 (SG) models.

This model of Kluson tuning machines is also a direct replacement for all current reissue 50's and 60's Gibson production and other series that use a vintage style individual tuning machine.

It simply makes the guitar a very slightly better guitar. You can see the single screw holding the tuner goes right into the Kluson hole, so no new holes are necessary.