Dating zeiss binoculars

20-Sep-2018 17:15

Hi, Try Peter Abrahams site: down the page until you get to Zeiss Binocular Production Numbers, which is a file listing the serial numbers year by year.

Your Jenoptem is a Deltrintem model, which was built under that name from 1920 to 1990.

There is a wealth of background on Zeiss products, both here and from the Zeiss Historical Society, so you should be able to find the information you are looking for.[/img][/img]e="Gspotter"]Guest appearance, So, I have this really old pair of Carl Zeiss Binoculars, they are in awesome condition, including the original case they came in. Sorry, we don't really get much action on collectibles on this forum.

Look up scroll down to Zeiss cumulative production numbers to date your binoculars. Hi I would do a GOOGLE search, not for that exact binocular, necessarily, but for a collector who handles that vintage and start there.

The manufacturer was Carl Zeiss AG in Jena, Germany.

The serial number indicates a manufacturing date of between 19 (1,700,000 starts in 19 starts with 1,980,000) so your's is likely to be around 1936/1937.

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Note that there was a thriving business making Zeiss 7x50 replicas, but nobody built fake Zeiss 8x30s, to my knowledge Hi, Just got a pair of Carl Zeiss Jena 6X30 with serial number 1484950.

The world of hunting has always held a certain fascination.

For hundreds of years ZEISS has been giving hunters the confidence with specialist riflescopes, binoculars and spotting scopes for any hunting situation.

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