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Union, whose relationship with Wade has evolved into a romantic one, attends several of the events as the hoops champ's guest, though they don't pose for photos together. February 2010: Union attends the third annual All-Star Luncheon hosted by Wade and Mike Modano in Dallas.

She doesn't pose for photos with her beau, but is obviously there with him.

He also answers questions about his relationship with Union and denies engaging in sexual foreplay in front of the children." data-reactid="59"December 2010: Wade and Funches face off in court to hash out their custody arrangement.

Chrissy also posted a photo of the smiling couples. We'd be happy too if we were hanging out with these four.June 2010: Wade is given temporary physical custody of the children.Weeks later, an Illinois judge finalizes his contentious divorce.March 2010: While his acrimonious divorce with Funches rages on, Wade files for sole custody of their two young sons alleging that his ex couldn't "be considered a fit and proper person" to raise them because she exhibited threatening behavior, used abusive parenting methods, and had extramarital affairs.

"For more than two years, I have tried to make peace with Siohvaughn concerning our divorce and custody of our kids," he tells the Associated Press.The jock reaches out to the actress to apologize for the gossip and they become platonic friends." data-reactid="30"June 2007: Wade files for separation from Funches, who had just given birth to their second son, Zion, a month earlier. Divorce proceedings start soon after — as do rumors that Wade is secretly dating Union.