Harvard speed dating

16-Sep-2018 13:15

He/ she listens to the client, interprets the client’s needs and informs the software designers about what technical software the client needs to run his/ her business.Be prepared to describe at least three experiences that illustrate how you tackled challenges and met and surpassed any goals.But we’ve found that such exercises work well to dislodge narrow thinking about the future, neutralize Kahneman’s narrative fallacy, and kick-start a strategy conversation.Whether we realize it or not, interviewing for a job is no different from speed dating or giving a product sales pitch. Well think about it: a successful speed dater or presenter has a few minutes to engage their listener and to differentiate him/herself or the product from the competition – just like a successful candidate during a job interview.By helping the group break free of the narrative fallacy, the exercise allowed them to rapidly build a scenario that stood in sharp contrast to their initial assumptions about the future — that a science-graduate shortage could only harm their industry.Next, we asked participants to consider the strategic implications of this single future story.To make exercises like this work, a disciplined facilitator must prepare and guide the participants.

The question we asked: How might a shortage of science, technical, engineering, and math (STEM) talent affect the growth of life sciences companies?

They then identified extremes for each driver that were far from their current state.

For example, the group defined the education driver as “the degree to which US elementary through higher education has developed curricula to produce science and technical talent.” Participants decided that in their future story, the US education system would substantially weaken, resulting in relatively few new science graduates, and that government funding, the second driver, would drop precipitously.

The common successful denominator for all these people is communicating a strong image of who/ what they are and what they stand for. One question that is often asked in interviews is: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

To put it another way, if you were the only person to save your organization, what would you do? Example: One of my strengths is that I love putting out fires before they begin.Here are a few of the provocative ideas the group advanced: While a two-hour exercise could never substitute for a full-bore, months-long scenario planning activity, our experiment did get participants out of their usual frame of reference, opening their eyes to a possible future that would require very different types of investment and research.

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