Is consolidating credit card debt a good idea

29-May-2018 14:29

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Steve pays a total of £435.83 in interest and fees each month.

If he sticks with his current loans it will cost him £4,145.99 in interest and fees to pay off his debt.

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Your monthly payment on the first loan is 7, and the payment on the second one is 3. The debt consolidation company says they can lower your payment to 0 per month and your interest rate to 9% by negotiating with your creditors and rolling the loans together into one. Who wouldn’t want to pay 0 less per month in payments?There are two types of debt consolidation loan: Debt consolidation loans that are secured against your property are sometimes called homeowner loans.You are more likely to be offered a secured loan if you owe a lot of money or if you have a poor credit history.Debt consolidation seems appealing because, in most cases, there’s a lower interest rate on parts of the debt, and it usually includes a lower payment.

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But, in almost every case, the lower payment exists because the term gets extended, not because the debt is less.

But they don’t tell you that it will now take you six years to pay off the loan.

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