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Naming conventions vary from language to language, company to company and different preferences for particular conventions abound.In Java, you can choose your convention of choice -unless you’re being paid to follow a specific convention.You might have noticed that the name is simply a combination of the two words, with the first letter of the first word in lowercase and the first letter of the second word in upper case.In Java, we can call our variables almost anything we want but by using meaningful names there is never any doubt about what the variable is for.This happens in two steps; declaration followed by initialization.We have already mentioned we must declare our variables so let’s have a look at what that code might look like then we will look at the second step, initialization.Think perhaps also about data that stores if something has occurred- or not, that is true or false.This is much more common than it might first seem and some examples soon will help.

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As we progress with this Java course and complete our first projects we will see this is a very useful feature. The list below is a mere fraction of the full range of available types; all the variable types should appear fairly straight forward with the exception of one really powerful variable type, known simply as an object or class, which will be covered in the tutorial Understanding OOP for coding Java games. They are a special type of variable which not only stores values but also behavior.

Even if you are completely new to either Java, Android, or game programming but are aiming to publish Android games, then this book is for you.