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In Season 5, Christian and Sean uproot their successful practice and move to the plastic surgery-laden shores of Los Angeles.

But the change of scenery will do nothing to ease the drama that constantly surrounds them.

)Michele and Morrison aren't the first costars to make a love connection despite having slightly creepy onscreen relationships.

Teachers and students, babysitters and charges, mom and son, father and daughter, and brother and sister...things are about to get weird, y'all.

After being nearly blown up by a suicide bomber in Jerusalem, Rachel Ben Natan (Maggie Siff) made her way the U. to work as a burn trauma counselor and physical therapist.

It’s typical Nip/Tuck melodrama, and indeed, the histrionics are part of the show’s ongoing appeal.

As Season 5 continues, Christian and Sean practice hiding affairs as they struggle to cope with their own serious medical conditions.

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) was taken up by Sean as well, who was struggling with his own questions of fidelity and betrayal, as Christian (Julian Mc Mahon) and Julia (Joely Richardson) were finally shacked up together.

Season 4 finds Sean and Julia preparing for the birth of their child, while Christian realizes his most intimate relationship is with Sean.

Meanwhile, a couple buys the practice, and Christian's new therapist has an obsessive crush on him.

And as Rachel felt her questions physically (pain, sleeplessness), Sean was haunted by his imagining of the suicide bomber (Dylan Ramsey), who taunted Sean with jeremiads about faith, divine reward, and the pleasures of martyrdom.

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A bit over the top to be sure, but what keeps the story from slipping into the realm of jingoism and schlock is Rachel’s realization that “The trick is to forgive the unforgivable.” Only by rejecting demands for justice and retribution will she find peace.

Desperate to boost their struggling practice, Sean and Christian turn to a former rival to bring in new clients.

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