Joshua allen dating

08-Jul-2018 15:54

I thought that was weird if they weren't dating. I also thought Her kiss with twitch during the Duffy song number was HOT!! Does anyone else think that Joshua and Katee from So You Think You Can Dance are dating?

Joshua kept pecking Katee on the cheek practically in every dance they were in together.

She did a brief stint in the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet Company, which was actually featured on the show.

Hip hop dancer Joshua Allen has been keeping busy by teaching dance.

Allen performed the first Bollywood dance and trepak of America's So You Think You Can Dance, with Katee and t Witch, respectively.

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'He looked really cool and had a lot of nice animation with his life and his death, in his inflation and deflation."For personal reasons, he could not commit to the entire series.We didn't want to just bring somebody in for a few weeks and then drop them.Allen's appeared in videos and commercials for Honda, Mc Donald's, US Census.

Joshua has also been featured as a dancer on numerous TV shows, including Community and American Horror Story.

I thought that was weird if they weren't dating.