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While he can get annoyed at her for causing trouble for him via Lala's inventions or her childish mind, he still considers her to be one of the largest parts of his life, treating her like a proper baby sister/adoptive daughter while taking high responsibility for her when he looks after her and making sure she has a fun life while doing so.

She seems to view Rito as her parent because of how he always takes care of her and because of her child-like appearance and closeness with him, she is often mistaken for his daughter.

Rito loves his mother, despite her embarrassing behavior, and gets his hair and eye color from her. Originally Celine was a multi-story, monstrous, sentient sunflower kept in the backyard of the Yuuki residence.

Although seemingly monstrous, Rito cared for her deeply and considered her as family, to which she responded with a similar caring love.

Rito also has feelings for some of these characters. As children, Rito and Mikan were very close, and Mikan still called him "Onii-chan".

Because their parents were not often at home, Rito looked after Mikan and they spent their time together all the time, walking and playing outside together.

Rito's mother, who works as a fashion designer traveling around the world and as such is rarely home.

While they clearly care for each other, he is shown to be embarrassed by her unusual habit of touching and stripping girls to check their sizes.

You can choose among the three men to begin your romance.

: Mononoke Kiss ” is a novel type dating simulation game, depicting a forbidden romance between a princess (a player) and a mononoke (a handsome humanoid monster).

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