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Spinning around and pulling faces in the snippet, a caption above Jeremy reads: 'Yes, a son.' A fellow reveler told the Mirror: 'Jeremy doesn't seem to care too much about becoming a dad, it was as though he didn't have a care in the world.'How insensitive to share such a video saying her baby needs therapy, my heart breaks for Steph.

Even if it was made in jest, it's pretty disgusting.' Jeremy is still refusing to confirm he's the father of his estranged ex Stephanie Davis' baby boy - despite her finally giving birth on Friday. If I could have done one straight away, I would have, but it was too dangerous for the baby.'Meanwhile, just weeks before Stephanie gave birth, Jeremy had told the Daily Star: 'I was in a position where we broke up for a period of time. If I find out it's mine I'll be the best dad.'A source close the star told Mail Online: 'Jeremy has tried to contact Steph on a number occasions but he hasn't heard back.'If he is the father then of course he going to do step up and do the right thing.' Meanwhile, a representative for Stephanie confirmed her happy news to the Mail Online on Friday, stating: 'We are delighted to confirm that our client Stephanie Davis gave birth to a baby boy on Friday.

The post, shared with her 688,000 followers on Friday sees the former Hollyoaks star dancing around to Zayn Malik's Mind Of Mind before experiencing some contractions. 'Was dancing about the living room to bring him along, knackered and ready to pop hehe I look mahhooosive. His umbilical cord fell off and he's had a big wee on mummy [sic].'The video shows Stephanie dancing around to former flame Zayn Malik's hit, Pillowtalk, when all of a sudden the star slumps into a chair clutching her tummy with a pained look on her face.

Stephanie - who claims her ex-boyfriend Jeremy Mc Connell is the father - shared the snap of herself going into labour last week. Earlier on in the day the actress revealed she cried with happiness when the stump attached to her son's belly button, which connects the placenta to the foetus, dropped off - exactly a week after he was born on January 13.

After Stephanie gave birth, the Bolton-born model tweeted her to wish her congratulations.

The aging actress and three of her Happy Days co-stars, Don Most, Anson Williams and Marion Ross, plus the estate of Tom Bosley, who died in 2010, filed a million breach-of-contract lawsuit against CBS, which owns the show.The caption appears to be a dig at Stephanie as the caption seems to be a miss-spelling of 'psychologist'.However, a source close to Jeremy denied it was aimed at the new-born, saying: ''The text on the snap chat "Get the kid a ..." is referring to Jeremy as the kid and is personal joke between friends.I promise to love and care for you for the rest of your life.'Stephanie announced the birth of her baby with another image of her newborn's feet. While he has long denied that he's father of Stephanie Davis child the Irish appeared to be celebrating the birth of his rumoured love child with the disgraced Hollyoaks actress.

She gushed in the caption: 'The day my world became complete. In a video obtained by the Mirror Online, the 26-year-old former Celebrity Big Brother star can be seen looking bleary eyed as he parties in Thailand with pals hours after his ex gave birth.But clearly determined to treasure every single moment of her pregnancy the former Celebrity Big Brother gushed about the moment the contractions started. Taking to her Twitter account on Friday, the brunette beauty said: 'OFFICIALLY ONE WEEK OLD!