Montenegro presents a great combination of gentle Adriatic sea, the sun and pristine mountain nature with clean mountain rivers, forests and emerald valleys. This country is situated in the center of the European continent.  Mountains approach close to the sea and create amazing landscapes where cozy sandy and pebble beaches are.  There are a lot of hotels situated alongside. They are perfect for holidays with children.

Adriatic climate.

Mild Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summer and mild winter depending on height of mountains and location. There are two main climate zones:

  • seashore with mild Mediterranean climate: mean temperature +23 – 25°C in summer and +3 -7°C in winter.
  • mountain part of country (continental climate): + 19 – 25°C in summer, + 5 – -10°C in winter.

Conditions for family holiday.

Citizen of Montenegro are well-known by their hospitality and friendliness. The tourists are desirable guests here. But holidays with children are especially good. Wonderful beaches with the cleanest water of Adriatic sea, healing air without industrial dirty, infrastructure, which is great for comfortable staying of families with children will help you organize your rest. It is important that politic situation is calm here.

Moreover, beaches of Montenegro got the special glory where the best hotels for holiday with children are situated. The wonderful coasts of azure Adriatic sea are attractive due to modern infrastructure which is fully adapted for summer vocation.  The majority of the beaches are rewarded by international award “Blue flag”. The honorable reward symbolizes the clear water and in-shore aria, their good maintenance and earnestly proves that the holiday with a small child in Montenegro will be in an ecologically friendly place.

Vocation with children in Dobra Voda.

Holidays in Montenegro with children are especially favorable in one of the beneficial part of the country.  It is situated in the south of Montenegro. This is Dobra Voda. The village became popular due to it’s ideal microclimate, healing air, which is the result of combination of iodine, phitoncides and  essential oil which oaks, olives and coniferous groves growing on the slops of mountains produce. There are two beautiful beaches in the village – Veliki and Mali Pjesak. They are lying along the sea almost one kilometer.  They attract children and adults with clear turquoise water and small smooth pebbles. This place is really wonderful for small children. The entry to water is flat and comfortable for playing and swimming in shallow water.

Infrastructure in Dobra Voda is created for family holidays with children. You can find:

  • cozy rooms, where you can have a good rest for a low price;
  • beautiful and inexpensive hotels which are situated along beaches;
  • apartments which you can rent for your staying. They have everything you need (including air-conditioner, kitchen equipment, dishes, washing machine etc.) for family from 2 to 6 people.

Calm and friendly atmosphere of the village is perfect for families with small children. All conditions are created for them. Long strolls in open air, absence of city’s noise will be popular among lovers of calm holidays. For those who are interested in more detailed acquaintance with this astonishing country touristic firms offer interesting excursions and trips. You will be able to see numerous sighs.

Infrastructure is ready for guests in all seasons. Swimming season opens when the warm rays of the spring sun come in April and finishes in the middle of October. Conditions for pleasant and comfortable vacation with children have been created here.

The quality of service.

Montenegro has turned into a big chain of popular resorts. A lot of reviews can confirm this. The pleasant bonus for staying in Bon Mare is affordable price with high quality of service. “Cult of child” is the main statement about the holiday in this hospitable country. The combination of comfortable staying, unique climate, ecologic factors and good prices promote Montenegro as a family resort.