Resorts of Montenegro are very popular. Picturesque nature untouched by the civilization is perfect for individual and family holiday. The warm Adriatic sea, affordable prices, traveling without visa – this are advantages for choosing this place for holidays.

Every hotel in Montenegro is equipped according to the international standards. The stuff is welcoming.

You should know customs rules to avoid spoiling your mood during arrival and departure.Control is available in two ways: by red or green corridor.

You can use green corridor if you have nothing to declare. The control is prosecuted selectively. However, you should take a survey if you have some doubts.

Every adult can bring in without paying custom duty:

  • tobacco items for personal use: 250 g of smoking tobacco, 50 pieces of cigars, 1 carton of cigarettes with 20 standard inside of each pack.
  • 3 liters of alcohol: 1 liter of strong alcohol, 2 liters of vine.
  • perfume: 250 ml of toilet water, 100 ml of perfume.

You must declare products of animal or plant life. They must be packed and have a special vet permission. You are allowed to take a pet with you. But it is necessary to have all essential papers: pet’s vet passport, vaccination certificate and paper from vet controlling service. You are allowed to have 1 kg of feed for the pet.

As international fito control has permitted you can bring plants for your own needs:

  • packed seeds 100 g or less;
  • bulbs by 3 kg;
  • decorative bushes 10 items or less;
  • pot plants 3 items or less.

It is strictly forbidden to import into Montenegro:

  • weapon (except from the hunting and sport weapon), documents confirming the function must be applied, explosives.
  • drugs, some medicine;
  • raw gold, coins,
  • pesticides.

When exporting goods, purchased in a shop, you might be asked to produce documents which will confirm the purchase. You should take perfume, alcohol and tobacco goods in a reasonable amount to avoid the confiscation by Preventive Service.