suveniru2Are you going to spend your holidays in Montenegro or planning a trip to this country for other reasons? Anyway the decision has been done, the hotel has been chosen the only thing that has been left to do is to choose the hotel and to pack the suitcase.

What to expect on sunny Adriatic?

This small country on the Adriatic coast hospitably meets tourists. Quiet life style of local people allows you to forget about rush of big cities, problems, complicated aims and have a rest in a ecological friendly region.

You will be pleased with mountain and sea view from windows. Mediterranean climate is warm but not as hot as at subtopic resorts. Beaches are hidden from wind in bays. They are excellent for calm rest. Vacation will be full of harmony and pacification. All main resorts are notable for beautiful nature and decent level of service which sometimes concedes other European resorts. And you can also expect rather low prices. It doesn’t matter where you will stay in the hotel or in the private villas, everybody will be glad to meet you.

Souvenirs for good remembrance

Going for a holiday or a business trip to another city or country we try to remember all of the best moments and find symbolic objects which will help us to recall stories and features of this place. We are trying to find unique and beautiful presents for friends and relatives, bring them a part of our impression and positive emotions. What can you bring from Montenegro? The tourist industry is developed here. There are lots of souvenirs in local shops.

There are usual T-shirts, caps, beach bags, plates and magnets in every town. The local artists offer models of ships, lighthouses, products made from sea shells, interesting panels for the sea lovers. You will find lots of souvenir stores in every town.

The significant part of every nation is national cuisine and local alcoholic drinks. The most popular kinds of vine in Montenegro are “Vranac” (red vine) and “Krstac” (white vine). The best brand to give is “Plantaze”. You can bring local rakija for strong drinks lovers. It is made of different fruit: grapes, apricots, plums, quinces.

Montenegro is famous for dried meat called “prshoot”. The best meat is considered to be produced in Negush.
Olive oil from Montenegro is not worse than the Greek. Give your preference to oil from monastery in Tcetinje. The natives pickle olives themselves. You can try them on a market before buying. They should be moderately salty, elastic, with slight layer of oil. You can choose garlic or spicy olives if you want.

  • The good souvenir is dried mushrooms. They are very clean and tasty.
  • Native people cook good fig jam. They also dry figs and thread them on a string like necklace.
  • There are excellent peaches, tangerins and pomegranates here.
  • The good present will be icons and crosses from local monasteries.

As a souvenir which can tell about a national costume you can buy the hat “capa”. This hat is small with red top and a black strip around it.
It is obviously that the answer for the question “What can I bring from Montenegro as a souvenir?” will not take much time and you will not think a lot about this.