boko-kotorskiy-zalivMontenegrins and Serbians call Kotor bay Boko Kotor mouth. It is one of the biggest bays in the Adriatic Sea. It could save authentic flora and fauna despite of rich historical past. Deep canyon of the river was situated here in ancient times.  It was destroyed by tectonic changes and was swallowed up by water of Adriatic.

Discover comfort of European resort

In-shore territory of the Kotor bay was  explored well and it was inhabited in ancient time.  In spite of high level of urbanization people treasured up the recollection of former days and saved unique medieval architecture.

Kotor, Perast, Herceg-Novi are towns of great antiquity. Nowadays they are cozy and elegant tourist centers. This unique resort in Adriatic region attracts guests not only in hot holiday season. Comfortable hotels with developed infrastructure guarantee wonderful rest in Montenegro in spring.

Open historical secrets

The most comfortable period for visiting famous historical and cultural monuments is time of nature waking up from winter sleep. Domes of orthodox temples and catholic castles shine in special way under the warm and soft rays of the sun. Spring days are the best for exploring massive fortress and discovering breathtaking majesty of buildings which were created by representatives of different periods.

Various excursions will help to discover secrets of Kotor Bay and to travel in time. You will be able to visit the period of Ustinian emperor, Serbian tsar rule and the epoch of Osman occupation.

Try the Adriatic splash

Not only family couples and respectable travelers but also lovers of active rest will find activity that they like best here as well. Sailing yacht trips, water skiing, diving, rafting, fishing are the activities that Montenegrins can suggest for the guests.

Bicycle trips and walking to mountains are also popular. Fans of alpinism will conquer the mountain peaks. Breathtaking views to the bay open from them.

The holiday in Montenegro guarantees that it will be the most significant event. It will give lots of pleasure and restore health and life energy.