The country, which name eloquently describes about local landscape, attracts lots of tourists from all over the world every year. You will have a nice holiday here during each season, get acquainted with authentic culture and fabulous nature, make your health stronger and restore your energy.

Experienced tourist guides recommend visiting the deepest canyon in Europe, which was created by the river Tara.


The world heritage of UNESCO

One of the main landscape sights of the country is surrounded by humps You can see breathtaking views from the canyon, which depth can reach 1,3 km. The total length of it is about 80 km. You can observe how the flow of the river changes in each part: sometimes the river creates crystal clear backwater, the other time it falls in rocky riffles with impetuous streams.

The canyon of the river Tara concedes a place only to the Grand Canyon in USA by its size and majesty. Even the best photos can’t show us all beauty and greatness of this place. The nature park Durmitor became one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1980. The canyon is located there. We should notice that there are only two places from Montenegro on this list of sites. That’s why the excursion to this park is worth to do even for the most tempted tourists.

Man-made sights

A vertiginous view of the canyon opens from the Dzhurdzhievich Bridge. It was named after the richest local farmer, who paid lavishly to his workers.. This great construction was opened in 1940. It was the only way from the south to the north at that time. The bridge was destroyed and restored several times. And now this beautiful arched bridge proudly towers over the abyss and impresses tourists by its magnificence. Its height is 172 m and length is about 365 m.
The majority of people who visited Montenegro associate it with this majestic canyon. This place has powerful energy and stays in memory forever. This place will be interesting for people of all ages and nobody will stay indifferent.

Dzhurdzhievich Bridge