Making plans for the holidays at the seaside with a kid and thinking of the best places in Montenegro for a family recreation, it’s worth paying attention to the calm and secure resort areas with comfortable beaches & warm sea water. Yet, whatever place you choose for the holiday, don’t miss a chance to take a boat tour coastwise Budva in order to enjoy an outstanding island-hotel.


St. Stephan Hotel (Sveti Stefan) is the world’s only resort which takes an entire island at the heart of Budva Riviera. Wanna know what makes this place a haunt? The answer is the uniqueness and the combination of such aspects as a mild climate of the Adriatic, beaches with pink pebbles, pine groves as well as high-end infrastructure.

Sveti Stefan Particularities

This hotel is located on the peninsula that is linked with the onshore area by a manmade land bridge. No local dwellers or strangers are allowed to the island – tourists and operating staff are the only people to have access to the resort area.

The resort is all about stand-alone villas which preserve the layout of the medieval fishermen houses. The interior design strikes the imagination by luxury & top-notch equipment. Furniture from natural materials, ‘smart’ bathroom fixtures, an exclusive design concept – all these constituent parts add to the island-hotel’s branding.

Visitors can expect to enjoy the best restaurants, bars and excellent beach areas with pink fine pebbles. Recreational athletes are blessed to revel in such leisure activities as yachting, diving, tennis-playing, etc. Moreover, Sveti Stefan Island is the proud owner of a ‘Golden Apple’ award as one of the best resorts on the globe.

Thus, there is small wonder that this island-hotel is a beloved holiday destination of celebrities, royals and men of large fortune.

Historical Notes

In the XV century this island was populated with 12 fishermen families. In order to protect the settlement from the Turkish onset, the dwellers built a castle and named it after Sveti Stefan. The settlement was gradually enlarging and eventually transformed into a vital road junction & a trade center. At different times, three churches were built on the island: Sveti Stefan, Alexander Nevsky and the Holy Mother Assumption.

In the middle of the XX century, several states turned the island into a resort area. The residents were resettled onshore. Sveti Stefan Island outlived a considerable reconstruction. Old fishermen houses were modernized into luxury villas with the remnants of medieval hues. As a result, Montenegro became the host of an up-market resort with service excellence and preeminent amenities.


Sveti Stefan’s visitors will definitely praise short sea trips. Devotees of deliberate recreation can lease a yacht to take pleasure in fishing & swimming. Sportsmen and diving fans will be favorably impressed by the marine fauna of the Adriatic. Enthusiast tourists are able to visit the neighboring states – Albania, Italy and Croatia.

Hiking fans are sure to love the trip to the Durmitor mountainside, Tara river canyon and wood lakes. Not far from the island one can find a medieval Praskvica Monastery that is famous for a cavated church. Monastery tours are a rather popular travelling destination.

Milocer is the other destination, famous for a botanic garden and the Queen’s beach. There are a lot of boutiques there, specialized in leather items, souvenirs, winery and cheese.

Those who are eager to taste the dishes of the local cuisine can take a walk sideways Budva. Local restaurants are ready to amaze the tourists by delicious dishes.

Sveti Stefan peninsula and the adjacent resort area are considered to be among the best tourist destinations in Montenegro. The tourist season here lasts from May to September.

The genial climate of the Adriatic, picturesque landscapes as well as an excellent infrastructure won’t leave anybody indifferent! Budva Riviera is called a paradise for a reason, while Sveti Stefan Hotel passes for its pearl!