Meet all new tourist trails offered by Montenegro – a globally known resort, acclaimed for the charming beauty of mountain landscapes and squeaky clean waters, sunlit Adriatic beaches and countless hotels!skadarskoe-ozero

Comfortable apartment units in Montenegro are not the only place where busy travelers can slacken cares and forget the fuss of big cities. In fact, this country is rich in multiple sights & remnants of the ancient culture, including a vast National park with a magnificent and one-of-a-kind pristine Lake Scutari (Skadar).

Lake Scutari Ecosystem

Lake Scutari is located on the territory of two countries – Albania & Montenegro, – taking some 390 km2 of surface area, 5 meters above sea level. At some areas its depth reaches 60 meters mark. Fairly recently (a few decades ago) the lake was a creek of the Adriatic sea; however, nowadays the two are divided by a strait. The water affluence of Lake Scutari is backed by a plethora of underwater currents as well as confluent rivers.

Lake Scutari is rich in fish species. One of the local islands is fancied by numberless migratory birds. The interest of birds (including ducks, herons, pelicans, and gulls) is explained by a friendly environment: water temperature does not go down lower than +10C throughout the year, while the littoral vegetation is full of food, enough for the largest flock of birds.

Tourist Exotica

Montenegro attracts tourists like a magnet thanks to natural riches, unthinkable expanses of water, ancient majestic Orthodox churches and monasteries (Vranjina, Beshka, Starcevo, etc.), situated on islands. Just imagine: one of the monasteries, entitled Kom, lodges only one person – Philip, a monk, who gives preference to solitude and service of god.

On the shores of Lake Scutari one can find an ancient picturesque city of Virpazar. This is a starting place of all tourist trails & excursions.

Tourists are most fascinated by:

  • fishing

Lake Scutari is famous for abundance of fish. This fact can’t but draw fishing enthusiasts. Local fishermen do not miss a chance to invite tourists for joint fishing sessions. Visitors are offered all necessary equipment as well as boats, yachts, cutters – all at an affordable price. Those who search for several days’ fishing tours are invited to stay in tent camps or local cottages.

  • Birdwatching

A plethora of birds gave birth to a matchless (and free) leisure activity – birdwatching. Other tourists, aside from the birdmen, take the opportunity of watching birds in the wild.

  • Onshore Flora

Nature enthusiasts will love the idea of feasting eyes on local flora: onshore waters dapple with amazing flowers – water lilies & can-docks which create a vegetal carpet on the shallows.

As the final point of the trail across Lake Scutari it’s highly recommended that you should visit the local fish restaurants. Be sure to remember a truly unbelievable taste of dishes served by Lake Scutari hosts!