As is customary, holidays in Montenegro are associated with a genial sunshine of the Mediterranean, endless beaches, lush vegetation, crystal-clear seawater as well as a prolonged tourist season which lasts from April till October.

jablyak2Nonetheless, this country is worth visiting anytime: it’s possible to rent a cozy apartment in Montenegro and find activities to your liking in each region. Rampant development of tourist infrastructure adds to the country’s uniqueness and suitability for the travelers of all ages.

Zabljak Ski Resort

Tara River Canyon area and Durmitor massif are fascinating each season in their own fashion. Zabljak is considered to be a center of mountaineering. This place offers tourists a bunch of activities:

  • skiing and snowboarding on the mountain slopes;
  • alpinism & rafting;
  • visiting one-of-a-kind ice lakes;
  • taking an unbelievable photo shoot.

It should be mentioned that local resort infrastructure has been developing for decades. Therefore, accommodation, equipment and service industry comply with prime European standards.

Trekking & Speleological Tours

Touristic potential of the mountainous areas in Montenegro is truly inexhaustible. Local landscape is immensely variegated; it is able to suffice the demands of even the most hard-nosed and exacting visitors. One can find mild and steep slopes, crystal-clear lakes, thermal springs, picturesque villages with distinctive culture & rich traditions.

Apart from Durmitor, there are three other mountain massifs, popular with tourists: Volujak, Zivojo and Prokletije. Additionally, visitors are sure to find a large variety of unexplored and interesting places/routes to take up mountaineering, enthralling trekking trails as well as engrossing speleological expeditions. Every year scientists discover new caves, linked with each other by an intricate passage system.

Moreover, huge energy that resides in these places deserves individual attention. This energy is known to facilitate in redressing spiritual & emotional balance, unlocking personal potential and getting rid of stress. Connate plants and endless pine woods fill the air with salutary essential oils and pleasant aroma. Thus, even a short tip to Montenegro is able to endow tourists with positive emotions, replenished by a huge health benefit.