To a great extend, Montenegro attracts tourists by sandy beaches and clear sea. Places where you can give rest not only to your body but also to your soul are not less interesting. One of these is the monastery of Ostrog which is situated in the mountains. It is active our days. If you book the hotel in Montenegro you will be able to organize interesting excursions to the mountains and along the seashore.


The monastery was built in the 17th century. It was founded by Basil Ostrozhski. He infused hope into Montenegrins who suffered from Turkish yoke. He helped not only saying but also working a lot. He helped ill and poor people took part in building the church. He deserved to be numbered to holy face. Pilgrims come to visit this monastery from all over the world. The distinction of this shrine is that the Catholics and the Muslims visit it as well as the Orthodoxies.

Why should you visit this place?

The monastery is the oldest in Montenegro. It consists of two parts; both of them are very interesting for tourists.

  • Upper Monastery. The most important relics are kept here. This part is situated in a vertical rock niche. It includes two churches – the Church of Presentation and the Church of the Holy Cross. Saint Basil of Ostrog’s relicts lie in the first one. It is the foremost relic in Montenegro.
  • Lower Monastery. The relics of saint confessor Stanko are kept here. Stanko was a 15 years old boy who withstanded invaders heroically. He refused to release the cross out of his hands. Turkish soldiers cut both of his hands for that.

Ostrog is a place full of miracles

Ostrog weathered a miraculous invasion of Turkish Empire, bombing during the II World war. Many people believe that some forces protect the monastery. The bomb thrown by German army didn’t destroy the Monastery. The bomb was only separated in two parts and didn’t blow up. Now it is kept in Monastery.

Another miracle event happened two centuries before the one in XXth. In 1714 one Turkish leader moved to the Monastery destroying everything on the way. Monks managed to hide relics of saint on the river bank. Later in 1852 the other Turkish squad burnt the Monastery but the relics were saved as well. They were taken far away. It was believed that Saint Basil made saviors invisible, so that they passed Turkish squad safely.

This unique place is situated 30 km away from Podgorica. You can reach it by car or by bus from Nikshich or Podgorica. But you should know that the road is quite difficult.

Ostrog is one of those astonishing places that must be visited in Montenegro.