The village of Dobra VodaDobra Voda is a resort village which is located on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. It became well-known due to healing air and unique microclimate. What else is this small Balkan resort famous for?

Geographical characteristics

The village has been attracting people from the whole Europe since 1950’s. There are 700 permanent residents nowadays. It is quite easy to reach other towns of Montenegro, such as Podgorica, Budva, Tivat, Bar, Ulcin, Kotor by car.


Tourist who came to Dobra Voda to see ancient ruins, castles, temples will be disappointed. However nobody will be bored here because the surroundings are full of remarkable natural places. If you walk uphill or along the coast you can take stunning photographs.

Resort village

The most valuable resource of this place is the air. It is filled with iodine, phytoncidnes and essential oils, which pines and oaks produce. Regular strolls in the fresh air in Dobra Voda are salubrious not only for people with health problems but also for people without any diseases.
There were two rehabilitation centers for people who suffered from asthma or had some cardiovascular problems. Unfortunately, the centers were not available for ordinary citizens because of internal policy.
Nowadays Dobra Voda is well-known as the ecological resort with the huge potential in treatment and prophylaxis.

There are two beaches in the village:

  • VelikiPiesak. It is 600m in length.
  • MaliPiesak. It is situated really close to the bigger one. Only their sizes are differ.

They are the parts of a reservation. There pinewoods and olive groves around so the air is clean. These beaches are perfect for relaxing repose. And they have some special features:

  • Mild sand and small gravel
  • It is easy to get into the sea
  • Crystal clear turquoise water

Dobra Voda is perfect place for measured holidays with family or friends. There is everything you need in the village for comfortable holiday. But also tourist can reach the bigger town if it is needed. Nobody will stay indifferent watching breathtaking views of this warm Balkan corner.