Adriatic SeaThere are a lot of resorts where you can have a good rest. However, the Adriatic has an optimal combination of climate and tourist infrastructure. Local resorts are not worse than the ones of Côte d’Azur, or French Riviera. Furthermore, the prices here are much lower. Are there any other reasons to make your choice of this region?

A suitable geographical position

The Adriatic Sea divides Apennine Peninsula and the Balkans and bathes some European countries such as Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. Each of these has inimitable features. Visiting numerous coastal towns, which were built during medieval period, will be really interesting for tourists, travelling around this region.

Propitious climatic conditions

The coast of the Adriatic Sea is really diversified. There is a huge difference between two coasts:

  • The Western one belongs to Italy. It is quite gentle. There are a lot of broad sandy beaches.
  • The Eastern one belongs to the former Yugoslavia countries and Albania. It is mountainous; there are lots of islands and peninsulas. There are gravel beaches. The views are really picturesque.

The sea is really clean and warm. The average summer temperature is +25 ͦC degrees, and in winter it does not go lower than +10˚C degrees.

The best resorts

Local resorts have many advantages:

  • Clean water
  • Ecologically safety region
  • Great history of this region
  • Good beaches


Friendly Southern Europe suggests repose to everybody. Everyone will find everything he needs: luxury hotels with the world’s best service or budget-friendly hotels.

The most popular resort on the Adriatic Sea is Montenegro. And it is not surprising, because local resorts have lots of benefits:

  • Comfortable repose for families with children
  • The best prices on whole Adriatic
  • The resorts are really calm
  • The beach season is longer

Nowadays, when prices are getting higher every day, the resorts on the Adriatic have a good quality service for a low price. You can assure yourself of it if you visit one of the most interesting places in Europe!